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When other companies wait around for things to happen, we MAKE your disaster go away quickly!

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Serving the Treasure Valley Region

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Water Damage Restoration

Got flooding in your home? Stop reading and start calling us so we can get out to your
property in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

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Mold Remediation

Got mold growing in your home? Don’t let
toxic bacteria invade your space! Call Armor
Restoration today.

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The Top Three Reasons to Work With Armor Restoration

  • Water Damage Meridian Id Icon 1Documented ExpectationsWith checklists for fulfillment, and customer approval, there’s no gray area.
  • Water Damage Meridian Id Icon 2Stop the HeadachesWith us, we seek to relieve your headaches with constant communication, documented expectations and actually getting work done.
  • Water Damage Meridian Id Icon 3Your Daily AllyDon’t wait around for things to get done. A disaster happened! LET’S MOVE!

Sewage & Bathroom Cleanup

Disasters are nastiest over in the bathroom space. Call our
company to provide you with documented expectations and
CLEAR DEADLINES on when your home will be back to

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Fire Damage Restoration

Has a fire in your home scorched precious memories and
your beautiful home? We’ll quickly help to fix up your home
to be as good as new.

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Rebuilding Restoration

Has your contractor been flaking on you for rebuilding your home?
Don’t let other restoration companies put you on the back burner!

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