Sewage Cleanup in Meridian, ID

If you’ve experienced a sewer backup in your home, we offer wastewater and sewage cleanup services.

Sewage backup is not just disgusting. It is also a health hazard for a homeowner. Raw sewage can also damage your home and personal belongings.

If you experience a sewage backup in Meridian, ID, it’s important to take swift action for sewage removal and protect your family’s health. Armor Restoration is here to help take care of your sewage cleanup.

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Sewage Backup Cleanup in Meridian, ID

If you live in Meridian, ID, you know that sewage backups and overflowing toilets are a real problem. But what can you do to keep your home clean and safe? Check out this list of sewage cleanup tips for homeowners!


1. Don’t Wait To Call For Professional Sewage Cleanup.

If a sewage backup occurs in your home, don’t wait! Call water restoration services with Armor Restoration as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage the sewage can do to your home or business including mold growth.


2. Disinfect All Contaminated Areas.

Once the sewage and contaminated water has been removed from your home by professional water damage cleanup services, it’s important to disinfect the affected area. This will help to prevent the spread of disease and make sure your home is safe for your family.


3. Remove All Water Damage Materials.

Any affected items that have been contaminated by sewage and wastewater should be removed from your home. This includes carpets, upholstered furniture, and drywall.

These materials can be difficult to cleanup and may need to be replaced even after sewage removal due to bacteria and other microbes posing a health risk. A restoration company will be able to identify what they can safely restore and what is not salvageable.


4. Cleanup And Sanitize All Sewage Water Affected Areas.

All surfaces in your home that have come into contact with sewage water require cleaning and will be sanitized. This includes countertops, floors, walls, and any other surfaces where bacteria could potentially grow.



It is important that protective equipment is used when cleaning wastewater from sewer backups. Water damage cleanups are best left to professional cleanup services like Armor Restoration. We can identify your property damage and safely restore your home.

It’s Our Pleasure To Serve Treasure Valley, Idaho, Including The Following:

Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Middleton, Melba, Marsing, Garden City, Emmett, Payette, Weiser, Horseshoe Bend, Ada County, and Canyon Country County

Armor Restoration will work with your insurance company to make sure you understand what can be done to best help you.

Your home deserves the best in sewage cleanup.  Armor Restoration has made sure our technicians are well trained and IICRC certified

Armor Restoration is locally owned and operated so we are close by and ready to help when you need sewage cleanup services.

Sewage Cleanup

Armor Restoration Sewage Cleanup Services

No one ever wants to think about their toilet overflowing and causing a sewer backup in their home or business. But if it does happen, Armor Restoration in Meridian, ID is here to help.

Toilets can overflow for a number of reasons, including a plumbing problem, sewer blockages, or even faulty septic systems. When this happens, it’s important to act quickly to contain the sewage water and prevent it from spreading.

The first step is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Then, you’ll need to call Armor Restoration who can come and assess what is needed for water damage cleanup from your sewer backup.

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely clean up the mess, check for mold damage, and restore your home to its original condition. So, don’t wait – if you experience a sewage backup in your Meridian, ID home, call Armor Restoration right away. We know sewage backup cleanup services!

Our Restoration Services Reviews

Justan Scott Kahoiwai
Justan Scott Kahoiwai
Jared is the best. He came immediately and got straight to work. He did whatever he could to make my kids and family feel safe. He communicated every step of the way and followed up after every step. He was respectful and best of all he helped us to navigate through insurance claims and process. We are so glad we chose to use him and would use him again for any type of work we need done to our home. 10 STARS
Desarae Kahoiwai
Desarae Kahoiwai
Hi highly recommend Jared and his services. He came immediately when we had our problem. He was professional, on time, very communicable and extremely easy to work with. He walked us through each process with insurance and made the whole process so easy. Treated us like family and made sure that we got the results we wanted. Go here for all of your restoration needs.
Lorinda Tuttle
Lorinda Tuttle
I had an outfit remodeling my bathroom while I was out of the state, but they stopped when they found mold from water damage. I didn't know what to do, but when I called Armor Restoration, Jared came out that same day and was able to clean up and seal the mold right away. He also found the water leak from a window, and sealed that too. And, best of all, he was affordable. He made my day!!! I would highly recommend using Armor Restoration to all my family and friends.
36 Ink
36 Ink
We were selling our home and found Mold in the crawl space during the inspection. Jared came out the same day we called. Gave us a free quote, and was on the job the next day. I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing... and was an expert from the minute I met him. After the initial quote, I even asked my wife, "How did you find this guy? He's really good... honest... and has great pricing." He finished our job with amazing results. The Mold was completely gone and contained! He fully explained everything he did and provided before and after pictures. He even went above and beyond what he quoted us for at no charge. He took the time to answer all of our questions, explained all of our options, and reviewed the process and what to expect. If you're looking for mold removal or any sort of home restoration, I can't recommend his services enough! Thanks Jared!
Melissa Feldman
Melissa Feldman
Best company ever! Jared is very knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. We are so grateful to have found him and this company, he did a fantastic job!
Jan Davenport
Jan Davenport
Jared is honest and helpful
Great service! Great people! I have known the owners for a long time and they are very trustworthy, dependable and do quality work.
L Webb
L Webb
I have known Jared for years and he is without a doubt someone you would want in your corner. His professionalism and friendly service is top notch above the rest. I highly recommend Armor Restoration for any of your restoration needs. You won't be disappointed.
Bathroom interior rebuilt after bathroom flood

Water Damage Cleanup For Sewage Backups in Meridian, ID

Armor Restoration will consider your sewage backup needing emergency services. We will head right to your home or business within the hour to begin restoration services.

Our technicians have their restoration certification (IICRC). They have the training and experience you want doing your water damage restoration in your Meridian, ID home. We’ll take care of the wastewater and sewage removal.

When it comes to water damage restoration, sewage backups are some of the most challenging and dangerous types of water damage to deal with. That’s why it’s important to call in a professional water damage restoration company if you’re dealing with a sewage backup.

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