Toilet Overflow Cleanup

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Toilet Overflow Cleanup

Toilet Overflow Water Damage Cleanup

If you need toilet overflow water damage cleanup we are the restoration company to best help. You can give us a call day or night when you have flooding in your home. We respond quickly to water damage of all types however it is especially important when dealing with toilet water that you get a quick response from your restoration company.

When dealing with sewage water it can be a health risk to your family and pets.  However, Armor Restoration is fully equiped to help mitigate the water damage for you and cleanup the contaminated water safely and effectively.  Call us soon and we can begin the Toilet Overflow Cleanup, providing your family with a safe, clean environment once more.

Toilet overflowed on carpet

Toilet Overflowed on Carpet

Some people might think that it’s no big deal when your toilet overflows and reaches your carpet.  Others are grossed out and on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor in the bathroom.  But what about the toilet water that is absorbed into the carpet, pad, and even floor below?  That water that came in contact with well, pee and poo before reaching your floor and is now in your carpet, pad and floor.

Toilet water has contaminants that are harmful for health if ingested.  You might think well I’m not going to drink the water.  However, as this water dries over time those contaminants can relase into the air your family breaths daily.  This is why it’s important to call Armor Restoration to remediate the situation properly and control the spread of contaminants.

Toilet Flooded Bathroom

When you have a toilet flood your bathroom, water travels the path of least resistance.   It can end up behind your vanity, in your HVAC supply line, under flooring etc..  If the water is not dried properly and proper precautions taken, that water can cause long term water damage for your home.

Armor Restoration will help you make a plan to contain the water damage and then dry it out.  Sewage water cleanup requires more safety precautions then other water damage.  We will be keeping your families health as our highest priority. We’ll make sure everything the contaminated toilet water touched is properly taken care of.  This will look like, cleaning and disinfecting and possibly removing flooring and vanities.


Toilet Flooded Bathroom

Bathroom Flood Cleanup

Is Toilet Overflowing and Flooding Covered By Insurance?

If your toilet has just flooded your bathroom and beyond, one of the first questions you may have is, will my homeowners insurance cover the flood?

Flooding due to a toilet overflow is often covered by many homeowner insurance companies.  Contact your insurance company and find out for certain if that is the case for you. You can count on Armor Restoration to help with water damage cleanup in the event of a toilet flooding your home.


Water Damage Restoration

When your looking at a flooded bathroom due to an overflowing toilet there is no better team of experts to help than Armor Restoration.  We’ve got the experience, methods, and equipment you want working to mitigate the water damage in your home.

You don’t want to work with the contaminated toilet water without the proper protective gear we have available to us to keep both our team and your family safe. A bathroom flood should be dealt with as soon as possible, so give us a call day or night and we will get to your home or business as quickly as possible.

Toilet Flood

A toilet flood in your home or business is nothing short of a mess!  Fortunately for you, Armor Restoration is a team of professionals that can handle that mess for you.  Being around contaminated water is a safety concern for you and your family. We put your safety as our top priority.

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to mitigate the water damage, disinfect your home and repair the water damage so your home is back to normal.  We’ll get the toilet flood cleaned up properly for you!

Toilet Flood

Toilet Overflow Cleanup | Bathroom Flood

Toilet Overflow Cleanup after your bathroom has flooded is best done by professionals.  We have the resources and knowledge required to do the job right.  Sewage water is full of contaminates that you and your family should not be around.  We will wear protective gear to ensure the safety of our crew.  Once the water mitigation is complete we will disinfect all of the affected area and repair any of the water damage to your home or office.

Give us a call when you need the help of professionals for a bathroom flood and toilet overflow cleanup.  We are the trusted source for all water damage restoration in Treasure Valley, Idaho.