Armor Restoration Specializes in water damage and is the leading Water Damage Company Meridian, ID.  We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services to residential and commercial properties. 

We have a Water Damage Company Meridian ID team of certified and experienced water damage restoration technicians who are available round-the-clock to serve you. We use the latest water extraction, drying, and dehumidification equipment to remove all traces of moisture from your property. We also specialize in mold removal and remediation. 

If you have any water damage or mold issue, don’t hesitate to call us today!  One thing that we pride ourselves on is that we follow all IICRC recommendations and requirements on every job. That means that we take safety seriously for you and our employees and also will take proper care of your property.  

With your home being one of if not the largest asset you will ever own it is important to choose a Water Damage Company Meridian ID that follows these same regulations.  When a disaster strikes it is critical to start work as soon as possible.  

The longer that water has to penetrate any item in your home or business the more water damage it can cause and the harder it is to get out of the structure.  Not only is the right equipment needed to do this but also being very thorough in the investigation process and using the right tools to locate where the water has spread.  A lot of times it involves checking in rooms that may seem to be unaffected or even in the crawl space or basement of your home.  Water always takes the path of least resistance and that is usually down and through cracks that are behind finished walls. 208-204-9711 and

Water Damage Company Meridian ID – Armor Restoration

As a Water Damage Company Meridian ID We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to first locate the source of the water if that hasn’t been determined and then find the travel path and spread of the water.  If water sits too long it can also cause an unwanted side effect of microbial growth or mold. 

If a microbial source is found during deconstruction and remediation you may be forced to vacate the premises while the work is being done to ensure your safety in the process. This also includes your animals as the chemicals needed to fix this issue are highly regulated and very abrasive. 

A lot of insurance companies want you to wait for an adjuster to come out before starting work.  If you ever get that response feel free to tell them no.  It is your home and your property and the insurance company can not tell you when to start or what needs to be done.  That is left up to the Water Damage Company Meridian ID who is onsite to determine. The insurance company can also not tell you what company to use.  They have “contracted” companies that work for them not you so make sure to do some research on the company before letting them into your home.  

If you need a Water Damage Company Meridian ID in your home please feel comfortable calling Armor Restoration at 208-204-9711 and we will head your way quickly.  You can see more about us at