The 10 Best Restaurants in Meridian ID


Being a locally owned and operated water damage restoration company in Meridian ID we are in the Meridian area frequently and have the opportunity to sample the great foods Meridian Idaho has to offer.

We put together the list of the best restaurants in Meridian Idaho.  Get out and try one of our favorites on your next lunch break, or night out with your family. Let us know what you think.


The Matador

Best Restaurants In Meridian Id

The Matador is Located at 3690 E Monarch Sky Ln #140, Meridian, ID 83646.

The Village at Meridian provides an ideal setting with wide sidewalks surrounded by colorful fountains; entertainment nearby (including plenty of shops) alongside many events throughout any given week – it’s not hard to find something that interests everyone here!

The Matador is a Mexican restaurant that blends Mexican flavor with a bit of local flare.  We recommend it as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Treasure Valley.

The Matador is a Mexican restaurant that blends Mexican flavor with a bit of local flare.  We recommend it as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Treasure Valley.

Our favorite meals are the enchiladas and poblano carnitas burrito.

Matador Meridian



Cup bop 

Best Restaurants Meridian Idaho

Cup Bop has 3 locations in Meridian, Idaho.  You can find them at:

  • 1990 N Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83646
  • 1520 W Chinden Blvd #104, Meridian, ID 83646
  • 3243 E Village Dr STE 110, Meridian, ID 83646

Cupbop serves Korean BBQ in a cup! Sprinkled with sesame seeds and served on the house-made sweet potato noodles, and rice.  With 1-10 spicy levels of signature sauces at your fingertips (made from scratch!), there’s sure to be something that will suit any palate out there; no matter how spice sensitive or adventurous you may want things.  

You get to customize your food.  You pick the meat, sauces, and level of heat that you like.  Put the lid on it and shake it all up.  Our favorites are the b bop (Korean style bbq beef) and kko kko bop (Korean style bbq chicken).  You can’t go wrong with either option or get both!

CupBop Cupbop – Korean BBQ Cupbop – Korean BBQ in a Cup



Hugo’s Deli

Restaurants Meridian Idaho

You can find Hugo’s Deli in Meridian at 6233 N Linder Rd, Meridian, ID 83646.  

Their menu consists of sandwiches, salads, finger steaks, chicken fingers, and deli fries.  They have made in-house fry sauce that you shouldn’t miss out on.  It’s worth stopping in for an order of fries with fry sauce to dip them in. 




Grimaldi’s pizzeria

Best Pizza Meridian Id

Head to 3573 E Longwing Ln Ste 130, Meridian, ID 83646, for some of the best pizza in Treasure Valley, Idaho.

They consider themselves to be the place to go for authentic New York Style pizza in the Treasure Valley.  While we may not feel qualified to confirm this, we can say, it tastes great!  Build your own to your liking or get one of their signature pizzas.

We recommend getting a spot on the outdoor patio.  You have a great view of the fountain at The Village in Meridian.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria


Rudy’s Pub & Grill

Restaurants Meridian Id2 Meridian locations:

  • 2310 E Overland Rd #150, Meridian, ID 83642
  • 3035 W McMillan Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

Rudy’s Pub & Grill has a great selection of options on the menu.  Anything from a salad or sandwich to a hamburger or steak and everything in between.  We love the Carolina pulled pork sandwich and their selection of burgers.  With so much to choose from you’re sure to find something for everyone here.

Rudy’s Pub & Grill Rudy’s Pub & Grill



SIDS garage

Meridian Idaho Restaurants

Located at 3525 E Longwing Ln, Meridian, ID 83646.

These guys know how to make a good burger.  If there is a downside to this restaurant it would be the atmosphere.  Loud rock music is often playing here.  It tends to be so loud it can be difficult to have a conversation with the people at your table.  

We also would not recommend this restaurant for young children.  So if you’re craving a good burger stop in on a lunch break or a night out with a friend.

Sid’s Garage



Panera bread

Best Food Meridian Idaho

Located at 3421 N Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83646.

Based on the name you can safely assume they offer sandwiches.  But you might be surprised to find they also offer a pretty good flatbread pizza as well.  

Their menu ranges from soup, salad, sandwiches, and even some mac and cheese.  Of course, you can always just come in for some bread, or bagels.

Panera Bread



Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill 

Sushi Meridian IDLocated at 3210 E Louise Dr, Meridian, ID 83642.  

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different we recommend Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill.  It’s Asian food with a twist.  

The flavors they have come up with are amazing.  We can’t say enough good things about this place.  They’ve got a great menu, with lots of options to choose from.  I bet you haven’t tried Asian food like this before.

Try the Asian Nachos, sushi rolls, and Uncle Fu’s Fried Rice.




Sa Wad Dee Thai Restaurant

Meridian Id Best Restaurants

Located at 1890 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, ID 83642.

For those who love Thai food.  Sa Wad Dee is for you.  If you’ve never had Thai food and you’re in the mood to be a bit adventurous stop in.  This is a great place to go for your first foray.  They offer a range of food options from Pad Thai to House Specialties.  You’re sure to find something that interests you.

 Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant





Bakery Meridian IDLocated at 3693 E Longwing Ln, Meridian, ID 83646.

We had to throw in a bakery to satisfy our sweet tooth. Cinnaholic serves up a variety of sweet treats like “create your own” cinnamon rolls and other freshly baked goods. All their products are vegan, dairy & lactose-free as well!