Who To Call For Water In Crawl Space

It is important to contact a water damage restoration company when wondering who to call for water in crawl space.  Disaster restoration companies are the experts at extracting water from your home, and ensuring you are left with a safe environment for your family.

What To Do If There Is Water In Crawl Space

If you find that there is water in your crawl space, it’s important to take steps to address the issue immediately. The excess moisture could damage your foundation, insulation, and support beams as well as lead to mold growth and insect infestations. If there is standing water in the space, you will need to contact a water damage restoration service to remove the water from the area. 

Additionally, if the water is stemming from an external source, such as a leaky pipe or inadequate drainage systems around your home’s foundation, those need to be repaired straight away. You can also install a system of sump pumps and drainage pipes surrounding your foundation that funnel rainwater away from the crawl space or basement. To ensure this kind of problem doesn’t happen again it’s also advisable to have your gutters cleaned at least twice every year. Remaining proactive with preventative measures will help keep your home safe and dry in the long run.

Water On Top Of Vapor Barrier In Crawl Space

A crawl space can become an unhealthy environment if too much water accumulates in it, as high moisture levels lead to the growth of mold and mildew.  One area of particular concern is water on top of the vapor barrier. This can be a signal that there is an issue with drainage or humidity in the crawl space, and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and costly repairs in the future. Failing to address this issue can result in mold, rotting wood, and unhealthy air quality. 

Certain signs such as discolored walls and floors, musty odors, condensation on windows, and higher-than-normal utility bills can indicate that water buildup is present in your crawl space. Having a professional inspect your home’s crawl space and taking steps to improve ventilation are essential if you suspect a moisture problem.

Cost Of Drying A Crawl Space

When considering the cost to dry a crawl space, it’s important to note that the labor can be the largest expense involved. Depending on size and scope of the project, it may require specialized tools, skilled professionals, and multiple visits to inspect moisture levels. 

The total cost of drying a crawl space depends on several factors, such as the scope of work, size of the area, and severity of the moisture levels. Homeowners should call a disaster restoration company, they will come out and inspect your crawl space and give you a quote for what it will cost for them to do the work. 

Hiring a professional contractor can increase costs, but is the best course of action when dealing with an extensive dry-out process. It always pays off in the end to invest in more extensive drying solutions for a vulnerable crawl space due to the savings from increased property value and cooling/heating efficiency.

Who To Call For Water In Crawl Space

So when you find water in your crawl space, who do you call?  The best choice is to call a water damage restoration company.  They have experience in removing moisture from homes and businesses.  They are able to remove any mold that may be found in the crawl space, and leave you with a clean and safe crawl space when the job is done.

Knowing who to call for water in a crawl space can save you time, hassle and potentially major damage down the road.